W is for Welcome

semaphore whiskey

I am mainly a writer: of books, essays, stories, instruction, poems, and ephemera. Much of what I have written is available in some manner through this website, though little of it is actually housed here. Most of what’s available online can be found at The New Agrarian, The Rooted Cook, or in North Carolina Digital History.

When I have time I build things, and I bake a lot of bread.

You can read considerably more about me, if you are interested, or browse the bins at right.

Note that I’m in the process of rebuilding this website, and you may find broken links or missing pieces. Please excuse the mess, and in the meantime feel free to contact me here.

Image adapted from Military Signaling (U.S. Infantry Association, 1920). I will leave its significance as a puzzle, but you can use the source volume to figure it out.