Art box

I built this box to hold my drawing supplies. Yellow pine, cut nails, brass hardware, built with hand tools by historical methods.

art box, front view

I built this box to hold my drawing supplies — pencils, erasers, sharpeners, charcoal, Conté crayons, pastels. It’s just deep enough to hold the largest items I had, and the tray, which is easily removable, has one section the right length for pencils. Of course, it could be scaled to whatever size one wanted. That’s the benefit of custom woodwork!

It’s built of yellow pine (construction grade lumber from the home center, believe it or not), with cut nails and brass lifts and hinges. Joinery is entirely with hand tools, after the methods of a couple centuries ago. (For geeks, this is a version of the schoolbox in Chris Schwarz’ The Joiner and Cabinet Maker.)