Articles, essays, etc.


Occasionally my writing at The New Agrarian has encouraged other people to ask me to write for them. Given that I’ve described two of the three publications listed below as “short-lived,” you can judge for yourself the accuracy of the epithet “popular.”

  • Since 2011 I have been an occasional contributor to Front Porch Republic.
  • I wrote two columns and an article for the short-lived 2015 reboot of New American Homesteader magazine, under the running title “Land Records.” The magazine folded after two issues, which I don’t think was my fault. My columns are archived on The New Agrarian.
  • I was a columnist for the even shorter-lived web-only magazine The Northern Agrarian in 2008. My columns are archived on The New Agrarian.


See my cv for a list of articles and reviews.


For food writing, see my recipes and commentary on The Rooted Cook.

Despite my best intentions, the most widely-read piece of writing I’ve produced was my 2002 “Duckling Diaries” chronicling my experience of raising ducks for the first time in my backyard. The current urban chicken craze hadn’t yet taken off in 2002, and if you buy me a couple of drinks I may claim to have started it. A magazine called Backyard Poultry republished the diaries a few years later, but the originals are still over on the New Agrarian.


Over the past couple of years I have preached occasionally at my church in Durham. The archived sermons are here.