I fell into visual design more or less by accident but have taken it as seriously as my writing, which is to say, as a means of vital and effective communication. I’ve also done a fair bit of user experience design and even built a content management system from scratch (see below) but, honestly, I’ve been trying since 1992 to get out of writing code: I prefer the communication to the platform.


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Web stuff


  • LearnPress Open-source content management system I designed for LEARN NC at UNC-Chapel Hill between 2005 and 2011. It powered, among other things, the North Carolina Digital History project. When I left in 2011, version 2.0 was in the final stage of development, but I never had a budget to complete the upgrade. This document gives an overview of LearnPress 2.0 as I left it in 2011.
  • Gadgets

    • “Interactives” Various “interactive” activities for online courses, developed in jQuery.