I fell into visual design more or less by accident but have taken it as seriously as my writing, which is to say, as a means of vital and effective communication. I’ve also done a fair bit of user experience design and even built a content management system from scratch (see below) but, honestly, I’ve been trying since 1992 to get out of writing code: I prefer the communication to the platform.


  • map of John Lawson's route through the Carolinas John Lawson’s explorations, 1700–1701 - Shows the approximate route of John Lawson, who explored the Carolinas in 1700–1701 and documented his travels in A New Voyage to Carolina (1709).
  • map of tobacco mills in North Carolina, 1896 Mapping industrialization: Railroads and factories - I created these maps as part of a unit on industrialization in North Carolina to show why factories were built where they were. The map showing the location of textile mills was used in an exhibit at the North Carolina Museum of History in 2011.


Web stuff


  • LearnPress Open-source content management system I designed for LEARN NC at UNC-Chapel Hill between 2005 and 2011. It powered, among other things, the North Carolina Digital History project. When I left in 2011, version 2.0 was in the final stage of development, but I never had a budget to complete the upgrade. This document gives an overview of LearnPress 2.0 as I left it in 2011.
  • Gadgets

    • “Interactives” Various “interactive” activities for online courses, developed in jQuery.