I started fooling around with woodworking when I was a kid, took it up as a hobby in graduate school, but didn’t take it seriously until I was pushing thirty. Probably it’s in the blood; my great-grandfather built houses.

I build everything from solid wood, almost entirely with hand tools and traditional joinery techniques. No plywood, no routers. Hand tools made sense at first for someone with little money and less space; now I simply prefer them. Hand tools let the wood talk back and keep me paying attention to the craft, and there’s real satisfaction in knowing that I’m inheriting (if frequently struggling to be worthy of) a centuries-old tradition. What’s more, as my daughter explains in the diagram below, hand tools are a more sustainable way of working:

diagram of the solar woodshop

Some of my thoughts and writings about woodworking and craft are posted over at The New Agrarian.



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Boxes and Chests

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Odds and Ends

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