Smells like mud

By the middle of March around here it is already spring. At the equinox the daffodils are waning and the hyacinths are in full bloom. The spring crops are coming on strong; we have already had a salad or two. The dogs, oblivious to the flowers and to any vegetables they can’t reach to nibble on, are taking advantage of the warmer days to sleep in the sun.

I was going to subtitle this page "waiting for rain," but then it rained all week. Nothing says spring like a noseful of good clean mud.

Individual plants and crops make the best photos at this stage. I’ve placed larger photos of the raised beds (big, medium, and herb garden) on separate pages.

Cabbage, I think, although it might have been broccoli—by the time you shrink the photo down this much it’s hard to tell. We planted a half dozen of each.

Turnip greens, just breaking through. In the past we have grown turnips for the roots, but we only have garden space for a meal’s worth. The greens take less space and we can harvest them "cut-and-come-again" style.

Sugar snap pealings. The fencing behind them will support cucumbers later in the year.

Lettuce (background, obviously) and onions. The onions were barely visible a week ago. The lettuce we planted last fall; the hardier stuff survives mild winters and is ready to go in early spring.

Happy parsley. Joyous parsley, in fact. Riotously so. I can’t recall when we first planted this—last spring, maybe. It wilted in summer, revived in the fall, withered after Christmas, and now here it goes again.

The potatoes are peeking up as well, but there isn’t much to see. I’ll save them for next month.