Warming up

We planted the tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers last weekend. The raised beds don’t get enough sun to make tomatoes really happy, so we moved them last year to pots along the fence at the bottom of our driveway. That worked just fine so long as we remembered to water them, but the raised beds need regular water anyway. This year we have Early Girls, cherry tomatoes, and some heirloom varieties, and we planted marigolds among the tomato pots to purty things up a bit.

Meanwhile it has been very warm and everything is growing like mad, as you can see below. We still have not had much rain, so the soaker hoses are getting regular use. I’ve included photos of the big and medium raised beds separately.

And the azaleas are gorgeous, by the way.

The potatoes have grown 6-8 inches in the past four days. Time to cover them with more dirt.

Turnip greens, maybe a week from the table now.

Rows of peppers (sweet bells and several varieties of chiles) between the broccoli and cabbage.

Tomatoes in pots along the fence. This is the only spot we have that gets enough sun for tomatoes, the gravel driveway and since it is along the front of the house we planted marigolds among them.

The wall of peas. If you watch carefully, you can see the peas growing. Yes, even in this still photo.

We will be eating a lot of arugula next week.

One of several azaleas in the front yard.

Next month we are ordering ducklings, six Khaki Campbells for eggs. Stay tuned…